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Welcome to your fishing adventure of a lifetime. Come and experience Kona’s gentle trade winds and calm blue waters aboard the “IHU NUI” and the “IHU NUI II. The waters off the Kona coast can offer some of the best conditions for world class fishing and other wonderous sights.

The IHU NUI is a custom 45′ Monterey and the IHU NUI II is a custom 40′ Miller.

You are in store for a fun and exciting fishing trip aboard the Ihu Nui. Beginners and children are always welcome!


crew members


Frederick McGrew Rice AKA “McGrew”. I am a sixth generation Scottish American born and raised in Hawaii. Our family came to the Islands in 1838 as missionaries. My family has been involved in ranching and fishing all of our lives. My Grandfather fished as an angler in the International Billfish Tournament in the 1950’s & 60’s. My father bought his first Charter boat in Kona in 1968 and I caught my first marlin with him when I was 9 years old. I grew up cattle ranching and fishing and chose fishing as my full time profession. I worked as a crewman through high school and on week-ends and vacations. I was hired to travel to Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti to fish tournaments for my clients in the 80’s. I started to work for my father in 1986 on the “Ihu Nui” as a crewman and part time Captain and when my father retired in 1991 I became the Captain of the “Ihu Nui”. When my father sold the boat in 1993 the new owner said that if I came with the boat he would buy it! I have been captaining the Ihu Nui ever since.


Tony joined team Ihu Nui when we put our second boat into service.Tony is from Newport Beach, California and has been a Captain and Crew for many boats over the past 20 years. He is also our expert engineer for both Ihu Nui boats. You can always count on Tony greeting our customers with a warm welcome and aloha spirit.

We both fish all the major tournaments in Kona as well as Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Our tournament record is a good one with us finishing in the top 5 for the last 10 years. In addition, the Rice family is the only one we know of that has had three generations catch 1000 lb Marlin, known as grander’s. This includes myself, my father, and both my sons. Not to be outdone, my mother has angled two women’s 1000 lb world records for Black Marlin.

Carlton Arai
Carlton Arai

Carlton Arai is a fourth generation Japanese American born and raised in Hawaii. Carlton is considered among his peers as "The Teacher". He has been working with me as my deckhand for many years and we have become like "peanutbutter & jelly". We make such a great team that sometimes we even read each others minds as we are fishing. We enjoy and love what we do and we fish between 150 and 200 days a year and our customers have become like family to us!

David Borgis
David Borgis

22 years old, born and raised in Hawaii. Avid fisherman and hunter. Charter fishing for 4 years and currently working on a 100 ton Captains license.